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Be a Centennial Class Ambassador!

The Program in Occupational Therapy will be celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2018. Celebration plans are well underway, and a major component of those plans involves alumni participation.

For each decade, we would like to have at least two class ambassadors to represent the students and the profession during those times. Class ambassadors will be listed on the various materials that will be sent out to encourage Centennial event attendance. We would also like to schedule a time with each ambassador to conduct an oral history interview to help us capture the spirit of your shared experience as a student.

When asked if she would become a class ambassador, Lisa Pazak Avery, BSOT ’87, enthusiastically volunteered and encourages others to as well.

“Celebrating the Centennial of the Program in Occupational Therapy gives alums the unique opportunity to revisit the most meaningful aspects of our OT educations,” says Avery. “We can remember the ideals and aspirations we had as budding therapists, relive those academic moments that helped shape us as the healers and re-energize us as we explore the new and exciting dimensions that Washington University School of Medicine is cultivating in occupational therapy today. At this empty nesting stage of my life, I am especially excited to connect with past classmates and clinicians with whom I’ve connected with throughout the years.”

If you are interested in becoming a class ambassador, or helping with the celebration plans, please contact Rebecca Clendenen at

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