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The Program in Occupational Therapy offers several professional degrees as well as a joint degree with the George Warren Brown School of Social Work.

Students interested in entering the field of occupational therapy may do so with a master’s or doctoral degree. It is possible to enroll in either program and apply to transfer to the other later, as both the master’s and the doctoral programs share the same curriculum for the first year of study. Students may also decide to apply to both programs if they like. Typically, the doctoral program attracts students who have further interest in research and leadership in the field.

Degree Programs

Master of Science in Occupational Therapy (MSOT)

The MSOT is two and a half year program that prepares students to become a practitioner in any practice area. A master's degree is required for entry into the profession of occupational therapy.

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Clinical Doctorate of Occupational Therapy (OTD)

The OTD is a three and a half year program for students who want to assume a leadership position in practice, management, teaching and/or clinical research. In addition to coursework, students have a mentored apprenticeship to prepare for a selected area of practice.

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Post-Professional Route to the OTD Degree

The post-professional route to the OTD degree students prepares experienced occupational therapists for important leadership roles in health care, academia, and the community. Students may enter the program with either a bachelor's in occupational therapy or a master's in occupational therapy.

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Master of Science in Occupational Therapy (MSOT)/Master of Public Health (MPH) Joint Degree

The MSOT/MPH joint degree is a three and a half year program that prepares students to work in a diverse array of settings including academia, community agencies, government institutions, and nonprofit organizations, and assume leadership roles in public policy, urban planning and advocacy. Students spend time at both the School of Medicine campus and the Danforth campus of Washington University to complete the coursework required.

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Rehabilitation and Participation Science (RAPS) PhD Program

The RAPS PhD is a four- to five- year program aimed at developing scientists who choose research questions based on their potential to generate evidence that will inform future clinical practices in rehabilitation.

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The Program is accredited through the American Occupational Therapy Association’s (AOTA) Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE). Click here to see our NBCOT pass rate.


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