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3-2 Program

3-2 program and partner schools information for undergraduate and high school students

The 3-2 program at Washington University allows students to finish their bachelor’s and master’s degrees within five and a half years. During the first three years as an undergraduate, the student takes the requirements for his or her major and prerequisites for the Program in Occupational Therapy. Accepted applicants are full-time occupational therapy students during their senior year, reducing the time in school by one full year. Upon successful completion of the first year of graduate courses in occupational therapy, you are awarded a bachelor’s degree and then continue on to complete a master’s degree during the following year.

Washington University undergraduate students: Visit this page to find out more about the 3-2 program as it applies to you.

Students interested in the 3-2 option should first speak with the 3-2 advisor at their undergraduate institution. A list of participating schools is here.

Note for students in 3-2 programs: Students enrolled in an affiliated 3-2 program cannot be formally admitted to the OTD program until a baccalaureate degree has been awarded. Any 3-2 student accepted into the Program in Occupational Therapy will be admitted to the MSOT program. Once accepted to the MSOT program, 3-2 students intending to pursue the OTD degree may participate in OTD activities and transfer to the OTD program upon award of the baccalaureate degree. 3-2 students wishing to pursue the OTD degree should refer to the MSOT Application Process and Requirements and contact us with any questions. 


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