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Innovations in Education

Dr. Lieser mentors students interested in Innovations in Education. This scholarly experience gives students opportunities to gain knowledge, skills and experience in educational-related projects, including educational research, curriculum development, instructional design, program evaluation and scholarship of teaching and learning activities. Students should consider this experience if they are interested in developing innovations in the science of learning, instructional technology, fieldwork education, patient and caregiver education, professional and educational leadership, interprofessional education, public health education and establishing a foundation for a career in educational contexts. In general, personal transportation is not required.

General Description of Student Activities

Student work will use a variety of quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods and systematic review approaches to investigate problems and possibilities in teaching, learning and education. This includes evaluating teaching methods, interprofessional education, use of technology and media in classrooms, gauging the effect of student stress on mental health/academic performance or investigating student attributes and their influence on learning. Students will also be guided in developing educational/training needs assessments, curricular design and evaluation of educational outcomes in both student and clinical education settings. Students are expected to produce a thesis that can be published in peer-reviewed literature, and will have the opportunity to present their research findings at local, state and national conferences.

Examples of Projects

  • Design an Open Educational Resources (OER) strategic framework for OT
  • Technology and the pedagogical design of scientific study and learning spaces
  • Exploration of the development of webinar and e-learning modules in health-care education
  • Development of mobile technologies and resources for student, patient, caregiver and practitioner education

Dr. Lieser has closely advised several students working on mobile apps, survey instruments and e-learning technologies.


Ping Lieser, PhD

Instructor in Occupational Therapy and Medicine

Phone: 314-286-1605

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