PhD Financial Information


A full-time commitment to graduate education is expected of all students enrolled in the Rehabilitation and Participation Science Program (RAPS) PhD program. The annual stipend amount for the 2015-2016 academic year was $23,500. Once a stipend has been awarded, the customary procedure is to provide three years of support. Stipend funds for additional years may be from individual grants or mentor’s grants. If this is not possible, a stipend for additional time is to be negotiated with the RAPS PhD chair and the executive director of the Program in Occupational Therapy. Full tuition remission and individual health insurance is provided to students who receive the stipend for up to five years.

Because the stipend is provided on a yearly basis, the work commitment is for a calendar year, with four weeks of vacation and the holidays observed by the university.

Fellowships and Doctoral Scholarships

Fellowships and/or doctoral scholarships should be sought by the students as soon as they are qualified for such support. The funds obtained from these scholarships are to replace, not supplement Program in Occupational Therapy funds. RAPS students from diverse backgrounds with serious interest in an academic career may apply for the Chancellor’s Graduate Fellowship Program.

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