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Student Organization: WUSOTA

The Washington University Student OT Association (WUSOTA) is very active each semester. Through their numerous committees, they enrich the lives of many individuals in the community as well as through their international service learning trip. For any questions regarding WUSOTA, or occupational therapy in general, please feel free to contact us at

Executive Board 2017 - 2018

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President - Shoshana Falk, OTD/S '19

The president of WUSOTA oversees executive board chair members, leads and organizes student body meetings, and is a liaison for students and administration. Holding this chair is a great opportunity for a determined student to maintain a leadership position with gratifying responsibilities within and outside of the Program.

Vice President - TBA

The vice president of WUSOTA attends monthly WUSOTA executive board meetings to represent the first year students in decisions regarding monthly WUSOTA events, community service activities, and fundraising efforts. As a first year in the program, the vice president has the opportunity to be involved in a leadership position early on in the program and get a strong understanding of how WUSOTA is run. This position is encouraged for someone who enjoys holding a leadership role and ultimately wants to hold a chair or executive board position for WUSOTA in the future.

Treasurer - Laura Pilney, MSOT/S '18

The treasurer works closely with the committee chairs to develop the budget for the operations of WUSOTA. They are the liaison between the OT program's financial administrator and WUSOTA to make sure all disbursements are made on time. The treasurer also oversees the WUSOTA's scholarship program for Hill Day, MOTA, and AOTA.

Secretary - Jessica Erb, MSOT/S '18

The secretary takes the attendance of each exec board and general body meeting. The secretary also is responsible for recording the meeting minutes for each meeting and serves to assist the president in organizing students into the various committees.

Advocacy Committee - Emily Sherman, OTD/S '19, Alana Hansen, OTD/S '19, and Samantha Eagle, OTD/S '19

Advocacy committee is involved with Backpack Awareness Day, letter writing campaigns, presenting to MD students and other WUSM students about OT, presenting at a Health Professions Minority Fair for high school students, helping OT students develop their "elevator speech," and planning and executing activities during OT Awareness Month (April).

Community Service Committee - Blair Holck, MSOT/S '18, Connor Daws, OTD/S '19, and Karmen Swanson, OTD/S '19

Community Service Committee members help to organize and plan community service events with different populations around the St. Louis area. Some of these include Hope Lodge Dinners and Autism Walk. It's a super fun way to get hands-on experience out of the classroom, and to see what St. Louis has to offer!

Cultural Committee - Molly Grabill, OTD/S '19, Kathy Yang, OTD/S '19, and Melissa Thomas, OTD/S '19

The WUSOTA Cultural Committee is dedicated to exposing students to a diverse array of community groups. The committee hosts events throughout the year highlighting individuals from different ethnic, socioeconomic, religious, underserved, and disabled groups to better understand their lived experience and how OTs interact with these populations.

Fundraising Committee - AJ Neff, OTD/S '19, Nic Huang, OTD/S '19, and Ashley Chuck, MSOT/S '18

The fundraising committee is responsible for planning and conducting fundraising events to maintain WUSOTA's budget. The money raised by fundraising helps other committees to host fun, educational, and service learning events.

Job Fair Committee - Shannon Cochrane, OTD/S '19, and Lindsay Smith, MSOT/S '18, and Madison Rolling, OTD/S '19

The Job Fair Committee helps with mailing out flyers, designing informational posters, and inviting other schools in the area to the annual event. The committee is present for the Job Fair to greet students and help make sure the employers are comfortable.

Media Relations Committee - Jamie Meyer, MSOT/S '18, Lexie Cirrincione, MSOT/S '18, and Maggie Kindra, MSOT/S '18

Media Relations is a committee dedicated to spreading information about WUSOTA to students, faculty, and the community. Focused on organization and scheduling, this committee is responsible for writing newsletters, managing the calendar, and updating social media (WUSOTA Facebook page). This committee encourages creative, organized, and tech-savvy students who want to contribute to the public relations domain of this organization.

MOTA Representatives - Audra Hendrix, MSOT/S '18

The Missouri Occupational Therapy Association student representatives serve as liaisons between the MOTA board and the Washington University OT student body.  The reps attend MOTA board meetings, help with student recruitment for the annual MOTA conference held in November, and help plan a student mixer at the conference. Additionally, they organize students to attend the annual Missouri Capitol Hill Day in February to advocate for OT as a profession, and educate students on important policy issues related to Occupational Therapy in Missouri.

Professional Development Committee - Ellie Park, OTD/S '19, and Allyson Farren, MSOT/S '18

The Professional Development Committee strives to promote opportunities for the academic and professional growth of WUOT students through organizing guest lectures, field trips, workshops, and other events. The committee is always open to ideas for future events and will work to make them happen!

Social Committee - Richard Whalley, OTD/S '19, Kathryn Signon, MSOT/S '18, and Jamie Brill, OTD/S '19

The Social Committee aims to bring students together by exploring the St. Louis area and through having a good time through fun social events. The main responsibilities as a committee are to organize orientation events, plan the float trip and Theraball, among other events throughout the year.

Previous Executive Boards

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