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WUSOTA Executive Board 2013 - 2014

Janelle Hively, MSOT '14

Vice President
Jenna Rebhun, MSOT '14

Krista Fox, MSOT '14

Gina Spiewak, MSOT '14

Advocacy Committee
Kristen Moosmann, MSOT '14, and Jordan Skowronski, MSOT '14

Jordan Skowronski,MSOT '14

Community Service Committee
Anita Khoong, MSOT '14, and Elizabeth Tackett, OTD '15

Cultural Committee
Jeanne Horvath, MSOT '14, and Sarah Hendred, MSOT '14

Fundraising Committee
Elizabeth Eklund, MSOT '14, Alexia Overton, MSOT '14,
and Samantha Slutzky, MSOT '14

Global Awareness Committee
Sarah Colwell, MSOT '14, Tess Greene, OTD '15,
and Kelsey Luedtke, OTD '15

Job Fair Committee
Morgan Brundahl-Smith, MSOT '14, and Margaret Glassman, MSOT '14

Media Relations Committee
Juliana Hersh, MSOT '14

MOTA Representatives
Claire Schueler, MSOT '14, and Jeanne Horvath, MSOT '14

Professional Development Committee
Melody Li, MSOT '14, Kimmy Nguyen, MSOT '14,
and Joan Scacciaferro, MSOT '14

Social Committee
Courtney Johnson, MSOT '14, and Laura McCarty, OTD '15


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