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WUSOTA Executive Board 2015 - 2016

Brianna Beattie, OTD '17

Vice President
KP Poulton, OTD '18

Kate Heidorn, MSOT '16

Amy Fjerstad, MSOT/MPH ‘17

Advocacy Committee
Rachel Harris, OTD '17, and Sam Talisman, OTD '17

Sam Talisman, OTD '17

Community Service Committee
Sara Rutherford, MSOT '16, and Nirah Shaw, MSOT '16

Cultural Committee
Tania Andrade, MSOT '16, and Kristina Vance, MSOT '16

Fundraising Committee
Lindsey DeSutter, MSOT '16, Chris Enke, OTD '17, Elizabeth Szymke, MSOT '16, and Arielle Yarbrough, MSOT '16

Job Fair Committee
Grace Eisenberg, MSOT '16, and Lindsey Kehlenbrink, MSOT '16

Media Relations Committee
Katrina Christopher, OTD '17

MOTA Representatives
Felicia Foci, OTD '17, and Gloria Sipakati, OTD '17

Professional Development Committee
Melissa Brottman, OTD '17, and Michelle Voss, OTD '17

Social Committee
Stephanie Fitterer, MSOT '16, and Lena Menkes, OTD '17


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