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WUSOTA Executive Board 2016 - 2017

KP Poulton, OTD '18

Vice President
Shoshana Falk, OTD '19

Dionne Siyavora, MSOT '17

Lanae Nesky, MSOT ‘17

Advocacy Committee
Caitlin Strobel, OTD '18, and Andrea Connolly, MSOT '17

Elizabeth Kasacenak, MSOT '17

Community Service Committee
Jill Evans, MSOT '17, and Mary Holowatuk, OTD '18

Cultural Committee
Karli Green, OTD '18, Deborah Haynes, OTD '18, and Alex Raybon, MSOT '17

Fundraising Committee
Brooke Fosaaen, OTD '18, Katie Hellessen, MSOT '17, Suzi Skaggs, MSOT '17, and Rachel Nation, MSOT '17

Job Fair Committee
Gabrielle Blenden, MSOT '17, and Chevie Wiseman, MSOT '17

Media Relations Committee
Danielle Wengraf, MSOT '17

MOTA Representatives
Anna Annecca, OTD '18, and Alexis Raybon, MSOT '17

Professional Development Committee
Kelly Baker, MSOT '17, Michelle Egan, MSOT '17, and Kathryn Kadela, MSOT '17

Social Committee
Kegan Murphy, OTD '18, Katie Kaufmann, MSOT '17, and Sonya Randall, MSOT '17


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