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Meet first-year student Ryan Porritt, MSOT/S '16


Ryan Porritt, MSOT/S '16, North Las Vegas, NV

Why did you choose WUOT?
I chose WUOT because I knew I would receive an exceptional education that will open doors for my future career.

What brought you to OT and what do you want to do with your degree?
I think many health problems can either be resolved or significantly reduced with proper self-management, an approach well within the scope of OT. I look forward to teaching/training people to take responsibility for their own lives and live more independently.

What do you think of living in St. Louis?
I like how everything is green. I have never lived around so many trees. Yes, I miss the mountains out West, but I am enjoying learning about the Midwest outdoors. If you are new here, be careful! The small streets makes driving a little crazy. A perfectly good lane for driving can and will be turned into a lane for parking without notice beyond that of a parked car.

Tell us about something you are involved in (or were) and how it’s changed you?
I served a two-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Chihuahua, Mexico.This experience not only taught me to live by faith, but it also instilled in me a love for the Latin people and culture.

What is something you learned in the last week?
I learned that living within my family’s means provides peace money can not buy.

What drives you every day?
A desire to learn and make a difference drives me.

Tell us something about yourself that otherwise we wouldn’t know or guess.
I enjoy knitting hats.

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