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Pediatric Services

Children, Youth, and Families (CYF)
Our CYF services are designed to help school-aged children navigate their environments and embrace new opportunities and challenges as they grow and develop. We address multiple skills and behaviors and provide services in the clinic, home, school, and community. Read more >

Comprehensive Behavior Intervention for Tics (CBIT)
Comprehensive Behavior Intervention for Tics (CBIT) is a non-drug treatment that teaches strategies to clients with tic disorders to help them reduce and better manage tics. CBIT may also benefit persons with Autism and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder who often have tic-like movements. Read more >

Early Intervention
Our early childhood therapists work with kids from 0-3  to ensure they are well-equipped to succeed socially and developmentally. By involving the whole family, our team works to build awareness about the child’s strengths, as well as any challenges that may exist. Read more >

Hearing, Balance, and Participation
In this program, our specially-trained clinicians evaluate, consult, and treat children who are deaf or hard of hearing (HH) by addressing social, play, self-care, motor, cognitive, and sensory performance activities. Read more >


Children regularly experience ups and downs when they are trying to manage their feelings and frustrations. Learning how to manage, or regulate, their feelings and behaviors is called self-regulation. Occupational therapy helps kids learn to master the skill of self-regulation and better equips them to learn, grow and succeed at home and in the classroom. Read more >

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