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Research Areas

Our faculty engages in research that focuses on several key areas of practice that impact the wellness of individuals and communities. They collaborate with other researchers on both national and international levels to improve health care outcomes that affect all populations. In the spring of their first year, students can initiate their master’s or doctoral community, clinical or research project with individualized guidance from faculty mentors.

Master’s students complete their clinical, community or research project in their second year. Faculty supervise the students as they engage in the process of asking questions, collecting data or needs and of analyzing the cumulatively gathered information to present to peers, faculty and clinicians that will contribute to a body of knowledge in occupational therapy that supports clinical practice. Trans-disciplinary collaboration, ethics, community-based interventions and a life-span orientation are emphasized. Students are taught current knowledge, to anticipate future questions, and to understand theoretical models to support interventions.

In addition to the master’s coursework, doctoral students take the Seminar in Proposal Development in their second year. The course is designed to prepare students to write a research proposal supporting the identified direction of their clinical doctorate work under the supervision of their graduate faculty mentor.

Students can pursue research projects in the following areas of practice:

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