Metal rail section that is hooked to baseplate to provide railing around the edge of floors and roofs. Available in 30" and 52" length. be assembled to lengths of 6’, 8’, or 10’; 10' is maximum length allowed.

Phase of Construction
Wall installation, roof sheathing, shingling, maintenance
Manufacturer’s Device Page
Guardian Fall Protection , Norguard
Surface must be stable, flat, dry surfaces with the structural integrity to support the system and users. Baseplate installed at least 24" from edge with the plate perpendicular to the railing; set screws are tighted with allen wrench to 29 lbs/foot. Rail is positioned into baseplate and tightened with screws. Toeboard is fit into baseplate fitting and tightened into place. Warning: Users must strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s inspection, installation, maintenance and use directions; and must follow local, state and federal safety regulations. Failure to do so could result in serious injury or death.
Instruction Manual
fallprotectionusa.com, beelinepurchasing.com
Video 1
OMG rail system

OMG rail system