The SkyMast mounts to the roof ridge and can support SRLs for up to 3 individuals for fall arrest. Can rotate 360 degrees. Various components must be assembled during the installation process.

Phase of Construction
Roof shingling, roof sheathing, floor sheathing, siding, HVAC
Manufacturer’s Device Page
Use PFAS during installation (such as snappy disposable anchor). Skyhook is placed over roof ridge and four 2" screws are installed through both sheathing and roof truss on each side (8 total). Cleats are attached to extension legs and center post is installed over the SkyMast using dowel pins. Cleats of extension legs are attached to the sheathing and 3 adjacent roof trusses with 2" screws, including 4 in the center truss and 2 in adjacent trusses (8 per cleat and 16 for the entire system). 3 SRL's are placed in cradles and attached with dowel pins. Center post must be in vertical position. Warning: Users must strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s inspection, installation, maintenance and use directions; and must follow local, state and federal safety regulations. Structural member must be able to support 5000# force. Failure to do so could result in serious injury or death.
Instruction Manual
associated-scaffolding.com, industrialproducts.com, harnessland.com fallprotectionpros.com
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SkyMast Skyhook