Pump jack scaffold system 2 interchangeable bases (non-skid and spiked anchors) for various terrain and full swivel head wall brace to accommodate various roof pitches. Positive spring loaded cam lock (no clutch necessary) is easy to pump and allows for a greater climbing rate per stroke. Can support 2 workers at heights up to 48'. 3-ply belted rubber grip facing with 6" on center screw attachment. Access ladder needed to access work platform. Can be fitted with guardrails and adjustable-height workbench. Available in 6', 12', and 24' join-able sections.

Phase of Construction
Siding, window installation, roof sheathing, shingling, roof truss installation
Manufacturer’s Device Page
Qualcraft , Norguard
Install ultra-jack onto pole with jack's platform retainer facing the sky. Assemble 2 poles using connecter with button locks aligned with holes 2" from the end. Place on stable base with pole positioned along work wall (rubber surface facing out) , secure pole at bottom and top; intermediate bracing is required every 12' for poles longer than 24'. Fasten round bar of brace to work wall at right angle to pole and fasten angle bar of brace. Spread between brace arms is 32" enabling installation on studs 16" on center. Additional poles are spaced based on type and style of walk plank (wood planking should be scaffold grade 2" thick, 12" wide and < 7' in length; aluminum planking shall not exceed 24'). Walk blanks must be overlapped a minimum of 12" and secured for movement except when using aluminum planks designed to be fastened together (must joint must be directly over ultra-jack support arm). Guardrails and optional workbench are installed per instructions. Users must closely follow operating instructions. Warning: Users must strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s inspection, installation, maintenance and use directions; and must follow local, state and federal safety regulations. Failure to do so could result in serious injury or death.
Instruction Manual
buymbs.com, contractorstools.com, homedepot.com
Varies depending on configuration
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ULTRA-Jack Pole System

ULTRA-Jack Pole System