Schwartz, Jaclyn, PhD, OTR/L

Clinical Interests

Chronic disease self-management, medication management, rehabilitation, assistive technology, neurorehabilitation, health disparities, minority health and clinical trials

Research Interests

Dr. Schwartz is a clinician scientist committed to addressing the public health crisis of poor medication adherence. Dr. Schwartz’s work focuses on mechanism-based, theory-driven, personalized behavioral and technological interventions for medication adherence. The long-term goal of her work is to promote health, prevent comorbidities, improve health-related quality of life, and reduce health care spending. She uses a systematic and rigorous approach to improve the quality of evidence by progressing through the intervention development process. Throughout the intervention development process, Dr. Schwartz has applied the lenses of health equity and implementation science.

Teaching Roles

Dr. Schwartz’s classes include those related to chronic disease self-management, technology, and rehabilitation. She also mentors students who work in her lab.


2008: BS in communication sciences and disorders, University of Texas at Austin
2010: MS in occupational therapy, Washington University in St. Louis
2015: PhD in health sciences, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee


Dr. Schwartz began her training at the University of Texas at Austin, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in communication sciences and disorders with a focus in speech-language pathology. She then earned a master’s degree in occupational therapy from Washington University in St. Louis in 2010. After a few years in the clinic as an occupational therapist, Dr. Schwartz returned to formal education in the Health Sciences program at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where she earned a doctor of philosophy in 2015. From 2015-2021, Dr. Schwartz served as an assistant professor at Florida International University (FIU) in Miami, Fla. At FIU, one of the nation’s few research-intensive Hispanic serving institutions, Dr. Schwartz developed her skills in minority health and health disparities.

Selected Publications

Schwartz, J. K., & Unni, E. (2021). Inclusion of People with Disabilities in Research to Improve Medication Adherence: A Systematic Review. Patient preference and adherence, 15, 1671. 10.2147/PPA.S314135

Schwartz, J.K.
& Unni, E. (2019). Letter by Schwartz and Unni Regarding article, “Ethnic Differences in 90-Day Poststroke Medication Adherence.” Stroke, 50 (9), E267.

Terrill, A. L., Schwartz, J. K., & Belagaje, S. (2019). Understanding mental health needs after mild stroke. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 100(5), 1003–1008.

Schwartz, J. K.,
Capo‐Lugo, C. E., Akinwuntan, A. E., Roberts, P. , Krishnan, S. , Belagaje, S. R., Kovic, M. , Burns, S. P., Hu, X. , Danzl, M. , Devos, H. and Page, S. J. (2019), Classification of mild stroke: A mapping review. PM&R: The Journal of Injury, Function and Rehabilitation, 11(9),996-1003.

Proffit, R., Schwartz, J.K., Foreman, M., & Smith, R.O. (2019). Role of occupational therapy practitioners in mass market technology research and development. American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 73(1).

Schwartz, J.K., Fermin, A., Fine. K., Iglesias, N., Pivarnik, D., Struck, S., Varela, N., & Janes, W. (2019). Methodology and feasibility of a 3D printed assistive technology intervention. Disability and Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology, 15 (2), 141-147.

Schwartz, J.K. & Richard, L. (2018) An exploratory survey of physical rehabilitation occupational therapy practice patterns. Occupational Therapy in Health Care, 33(1) 64-72.

Terrill, A., Schwartz, J.K., & Belagaje, S. (2018). Best practices for the interdisciplinary rehabilitation team: A review of mental health issues in mild stroke survivors. Stroke Research and Treatment, 2018. 6187328.

Siebert, C. & Schwartz, J.K. (2017). Occupational therapy's role in medication management. American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 71(2). 7112410025p1-7112410025p20.

Schwartz, J. K., Foster, A., & Smith, R. O. (2017). Effects of reminder devices on medication adherence—An assistive technology perspective. JAMA Internal Medicine, 177(10), 1540-1541.


Hu, X., Heyn, P., Schwartz, J.K., Roberts, P. (2017). What is mild stroke? Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 98 (11), 2347-2349.

Schwartz, J.K., Grogan, K., Mutch, M., Nowicki, E. Seidel, E. Woelfel, & Smith, R. O. (2017). Intervention to improve medication management: Qualitative outcomes from a phase I randomized controlled trial. American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 71 (6), 7106240010.

Schwartz, J.K. & Smith, R. O. (2017). Integration of medication management into occupational therapy practice. American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 71(4), 1–8.

Schwartz, J.K. (2017). Pillbox use, satisfaction, and effectiveness among persons with chronic health conditions. Assistive Technology, 29(4), 181-187.

Schwartz, J.K.
& Smith, R. O. (2016). Intervention promoting medication adherence: A randomized, phase I, small-N study. American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 70(6), 1-11.

Schwartz, J. K., Woelfel, S., Seidel, E., Marszalkowski, L., Nowicki, E., Mutch, M., & Grogan, K. (2016). Single-subject analysis of an occupational therapy intervention to promote medication adherence. American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 70(Supplement 1), 7011515248.


2021: NIH Training, Center for Health Equity Research (CHER) Summer Institute
2020-2021: Florida International University, Presidential Leadership Program
2020: Florida International University, Nicole Wertheim College of Nursing and Health Sciences, Excellence in Research Award
2017: NIH Training, Trainings in Grantsmanship for Rehabilitation Research
2015: Gary Kielhofner Emerging Leader Award
2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2020: American Occupational Therapy Association Service Commendation

Schwartz, Jaclyn

Schwartz, Jaclyn, PhD, OTR/L

Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy and Neurology

Curriculum Vitae

Contact information

Phone: (314) 273-4398
Fax: (314) 286-0631

Research Laboratory

Technology, Health, Rehabilitation, Environment and Disability



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