Lieser, Ping, PhD

Research Interests

Dr. Lieser's research focuses on how emerging technologies can transform the learning and learning environments. Her research interests include technology-enhanced learning, online collaboration tools, blended and online course development and delivery, e-learning and e-portfolio assessment, learning analytics, and learning community in integrating emerging technologies into teaching and learning.


2001: PhD in curriculum and instruction, with specialization in educational computing, design and online learning, Kansas State University
1993: MS in secondary education, with specialization in computer-based education, Kansas State University


Dr. Lieser is part of the educational technology team that develops teaching and learning resources and supports faculty, staff, and students. She also manages multi-institutional web-based projects and assists with the delivery of webinars and streaming virtual conferences. She earned her doctorate in curriculum and instruction from Kansas State University where she specialized in educational computing, design and online learning. She was an instructional designer at the University of Chicago and Missouri State University and has more than 16 years of experience in the field of educational technology, training, consulting and e-learning design. Her specialties include: online course and e-learning design, blended learning design, LMS/CMS training and integration, web and multimedia design, web conferencing development, application of emerging technologies in education, and best practices in learning technologies.

Selected Publications

Lieser, P., Burch, K., & Crustals, J. (2015) Applying a Collaborative Support Model to Assess E-Learning Technologies. Journal of Applied Learning Technology. 5 (3).

Lieser, P., & Taff, S. (2013) Empowering Students in Blended Learning. Journal of Applied Learning Technology. 3 (3).

2012 Review Board, Yearbook of Urban Learning, Teaching, and Research (ULTR), American Educational Research Association (AERA).

Lieser, P. & Paterson, B. (2009) TIMESpace: A Repository for the Medical Digital Content. In G. Siemens & C. Fulford (Eds.), Proceedings of World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications 2009 (pp. 407-413). Chesapeake, VA: AACE. Retrieved from Principal

McGrath, D., Cumaranatunge, C., Ji, M., Chen, P., Broce, W. & Wright, K. (1996/1997) Multimedia science projects: Seven case studies. Journal of Research on Computing in Education, special issue on the World Wide Web, 28(5). URL:

Lieser, Ping

Lieser, Ping, PhD

Education Technology and Media Specialist

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Phone: (314) 286-1605
Fax: (314) 286-1601


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