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Name: Justin and Chelsea (Hejnal) Jones
Degree: MSOT
Class Notes: Justin and Chelsea married in May 2014 in Farmington, Mo. Fellow classmate Kari Burch, OTD '14, was a bridesmaid. Both Justin and Chelsea are employed in Jonesboro, Ark., at NEA Baptist Memorial Hospital as acute care therapists.

Name: Greg and Lisa (Dumke) Seymour
Degree: OTD
Class Notes: Greg and Lisa married in May 2012 and are currently in Chicago to complete apprenticeships. Read more about their story here.


Name: Heather F. Ajzenman
Degree: OTD
Class Notes: Heather was added to the Horses and Humans Research Foundation (HHRF) Scientific Advisory Committee.

Name: Kristina (Cumpata) Daily
Degree: MSOT
Class Notes: Kristina has been working at Children's Medical Center in Dallas, Texas, following graduation in December 2012. She was married on June 7, 2014,  and currently has her first Level 2 Fieldwork Student.

Name: Shannon Gaetke
Degree: OTD
Class Notes: Shannon was hired as a pediatric occupational therapist with Coastal Therapy Services in Charleston, SC. She is very excited about her first job.

Name: Quinn Tyminski
Degree: MSOT
Class Notes: Quinn has been working at the Labre Center, part of Peter and Paul Community Services in St. Louis, Mo. The Labre Center is a transitional housing facility for clients who have been homeless and have been diagnosed with an Axis I mental health disorder. Quinn is on adjunct faculty at Saint Louis University OT program. Additionally, she has been speaking about mental health OT to numerous St. Louis OT schools.


Name: Jessica (Anderson) Cantwell
Degree: MSOT
Class Notes: Jessica recently moved to New York City.


Name: Leslie Addison
Degree: OTD
Class Notes: Lesley has created an app in the Apple store titled, "TherapyWhiz.” The purpose of the app is to provide therapists/students with a quick reference for frequently used therapy norms,  diagnoses, and provide some basic therapeutic ideas. The focus of this app is on hand therapy, but neuro and peds apps are being developed. Learn more about her app here.

Name: Bobbie Vergo
Degree: OTD
Class Notes: Bobbie is currently working as an occupational therapist for Collaborating for Kids, a pediatric therapy company based in Indiana. Read more about Bobbie here.

Name: Emily Wallace
Degree: OTD
Class Notes: Emily recently developed a program in the Ukraine to bring hope to people with disabilities and those who care for them. Read more about Emily here.


Name: Lauren Budreau
Degree: MSOT
Class Notes: Lauren married Kris Weigle on June 6, 2009. The couple welcomed their daughter, Lillian Marie, on June 1, 2011 and their son, Wesley Walker, on April 22, 2013. Lauren began her OT career at Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital in Wheaton, Ill., before moving to Indiana. There, she had a short stint in a SNF setting before working in acute care for a year and a half. Lauren began working at Lafayette Regional Rehabilitation Hospital in October 2013.

Name: Jami (Croston) Dalchow
Degree: OTD
Class Notes: Jami and Andy Dalchow welcomed a daughter, Maizie Dalchow, on October 7, 2013. They reside in Sioux Falls, SD. Jami reports everyone is adjusting well to the new family.

Name: Emilie Marty
Degree: OTD
Class Notes: Emilie has been living and working in Chicago for almost three years working in inpatient for Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital and acute care for NorthShore University. 


Name: Theresa (Carlson) Carroll
Degree: OTD
Class Notes: Theresa has been a clinical assistant professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago since January 2014. She is also mother to two children, Marleigh and Flynn.



Name: Jason and Jessica (Sweeney) Sparrow
Degree: OTD
Class Notes: Jason works at Rehab Care as the senior program director assisting with operations in Tennessee and Alabama. Jessica is an AOTA board-certified pediatric practitioner and serves as a lead occupational therapist for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis. Read more about their story here.


Name: Jennifer (Topolewski) Houck
Degree: MSOT
Class Notes: Jennifer just celebrated one year of marriage, and clean scans while recovering from major surgery for pancreatic cancer. She says she is loving life and enjoying every day!


Name: Jamie Close
Degree: MSOT
Class Notes: Jamie co-founded a nonprofit organization, UP! Uganda's Promise, in 2011. The organization is dedicated to providing funding for children in Uganda to attend private schools. To date, they have had two students graduate from a university with an IT degree, one with a degree in commercial art and design, one with a degree in business, one with a degree in nursing and one with a degree in computer science.


Name: Linda (Mulrooney) Edmonds
Degree: MSOT
Class Notes: Linda married Brad Edmonds in June 2006.

Name: Jennifer Sambrook Pitonyak
Degree: OTD
Class Notes: Jennifer defended her dissertation, “The Contexts of Life Course Health Development Associated with Exclusive Breastfeeding in the United States,” and graduated with a PhD in health policy in May 2013. She is vice chair and assistant professor of occupational therapy at University of the Sciences.


Name: Sherri M. Bramhall
Degree: MSOT
Class Notes: In January 2014, Sherri was nominated by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon to serve on the State Interagency Coordinating Council to advise about care for infants and young children with developmental delays and disabilities. 

Name: Katy Tidd Sullivan
Degree: MSOT
Class Notes: Katy is currently in private practice in London, Ontario, Canada, and would love to catch up with her classmates.   


Name: Denise Nepveux
Degree: MSOT
Class Notes: Denise is now the Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy at Utica College in Central New York.


Name: Stephanie (Bullard) Lancaster
Degree: BSOT
Class Notes: After 19 years in practice with a local school district, Stephanie has joined the faculty in the Occupational Therapy Department at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center as the Community Engagement and Clinical Practice Coordinator.


Name: Vicki Corich
Degree: BSOT
Class Notes: Vicki has worked as a school-based therapist for the past 10 years in the Atlanta, Ga., area. She has also held a variety of positions, mostly school-based, all over the country and in Europe. Vicki has continued her education with graphic and web design classes. She has incorporated those skills into her OT practice and is now able to create products for her students.  


Name: Claire (Skaggs) Smith
Degree: BSOT
Class Notes: Claire works as a pediatric therapist at Children's Therapy Works in Sarasota, Fla. She spends her free time on the water fishing in her power boat or paddling in her kayak.

Name: Kristy (Kirchhoff) Unruh
Degree: BSOT
Class Notes: After being away for 25 years, Kristy recently moved back to St. Louis. Her most recent area of practice was within a school setting. She is excited to share her experience with peers, explore new opportunities in the St. Louis area and connect with classmates.

Name: Carla Cay (Niemeyer) Williams
Degree: BSOT
Class Notes: Carla has published a book with colleague Marci Laurel, CCC, SLP, titled, "Our Hearts' Desire: For Parents Navigating the Journey of Sensory Processing Challenges." The book is available on Amazon. She is the Director of KidPower Therapy Associates in Albuquerque, N.M.  


Name: Joan (Meyers) Naylor
Degree: BSOT
Class Notes: Joan retired as an OT and is currently self-employed as an artist. She is the mother of two children.

Name: Elizabeth Tina (Rutledge) Veraldi
Degree: BSOT
Class Notes: Tina was among the first who took the standardized test for hand therapy certification in 1991. She recently retired after working as an OT since 1980. Her last position was as a certified hand therapist with SSM Physical Therapy, where she worked for more than 12 years.


Name: Cindy (Yewell) Bonskowski
Degree: BSOT
Class Notes: Cindy loves being a grandmother. Her first grandchild was born in December 2015, and her second is due March 2017. She is currently employed by RehabPro and lives in Argyle, Texas.


Name: Kit Sinclair
Degree: BSOT
Class Notes: For more than 45 years, Kit has lived and worked throughout Asia, first as a Peace Corps volunteer and then as a practicing occupational therapist, educator and global advocate. Read more about Kit here.


Name: Linnea (Oleksy) Atkins Kotz
Degree: BSOT
Class Notes:  Linnea will be attending to the 50th reunion in May 2014. If anyone else from her class will be there, she would like them to contact her.

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