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Occupational Therapy Programs for Individuals Experiencing Homelessness

Dr. Tyminski mentors students interested in Occupational Therapy Programs for Individuals Experiencing Homelessness. Students will have the opportunity to work within these populations through a partnership with Peter & Paul Community Services (PPCS) and St. Patrick’s Center (SPC).  Both local missions are aimed at housing people who are homeless and diagnosed with mental illness by (1) removing barriers to housing, (2) empowering individuals and families to access resources, and (3) providing the necessary supports to ensure long-term housing stability. Dr. Tyminski and her previous students recently completed the creation of a new assessment targeted at understanding the unique occupational participation of individuals experiencing homelessness. The Activity Card Sort-Identifying Covert Use of Occupations (ACS: ICUO) can be used with clients to better understand the occupational participation of individuals during and after homelessness. Students should consider working with Dr. Tyminski if they are interested in working in the community with underserved populations or have an interest in program development and assessment psychometrics.

General Description of Student Activities

Students will support the continued development and pilot testing of an assessment tool to explore the occupational engagement of individuals experiencing chronic homelessness. Students will assist in testing the assessment tool, as well as, developing a manual for administration procedures for the assessment. Students will spend time engaging with the target populations through shadowing experiences designed for students to learn to develop communication skills within this population and understand the occupational concerns associated with homelessness and mental illness.  Students will develop an understanding for occupational therapy’s distinct role within this homeless population through assisting their fellow students in the execution of evidence-based programs and interventions designed to end homelessness. Students must be able to transport themselves to and from the community site and shall expect approximately six hours per week of time dedicated to their mentored scholarship experience.

Examples of Projects

  • Development of an assessment manual to accompany the ACS: ICUO
  • Pilot testing of the ACS:ICUO for populations with severe and persistent mental illness


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