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Parenting with Disabilities

Dr. Walker oversees WUOT Community Practice’s Parenting with Disabilities program. Periodically, parents with disabilities may find themselves in search of adaptive equipment, or alternate approaches to a parenting task. Upon discovering this need, our team of specially trained clinicians created the Parenting with Disabilities program to address these concerns. Through this program, Dr. Walker partners with parents one-on-one to equip them with the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to safely and independently parent the way they want to throughout each stage of the child’s life. Recently, this program has expanded to developing programmatic efforts in conjunction with Paraquad’s Health and Wellness Program to address the health needs of community members seeking resources on sexuality and intimacy, for example, following spinal cord injury.

General Description of Student Activities

Students who select Dr. Walker as their mentor will have the opportunity to work with assistive technology to improve community participation including, but not limited to, adaptive baby care equipment, adaptive workplace accommodations, adaptive exercise equipment or mobility devices, depending on the client. Students will also be involved in the CCC, participating in groups and individual sessions with persons with spinal cord injury/disease.

Students will also have the opportunity, among other things, to participate in clinical appointments both in the clinic and during community visits, develop new programming through the CCC, track outcomes and present to medical professionals and community organizations. Examples of student clinical experiences include participating in home visits with parents with disabilities, seating and mobility evaluations (clinic/work/home), and Paraquad’s Health and Wellness Program (accessible gym).

Students will need to arrange their own transportation to be able to transition between 4444 Forest Park Ave. and Paraquad’s Health and Wellness Center at 5200 Berthold Ave. and to attend community visits.

Examples of Projects

  • Facilitating intimacy and sexual participation in people with SCI/D: Occupational therapy interventions for bowel and bladder management, skin and pressure management, and positioning
  • Increasing the accessibility of resources for prospective adoptive parents with disabilities to understand and utilize their rights in the adoption process
  • Growing together: Strategies for parents with disabilities to engage children in developmentally appropriate activities
  • Program evaluation and development of resources on sexuality/intimacy for clients with spinal cord injury and professionals serving them
  • Implementation of a self-management program for parents with spinal cord injury/disease
  • Evaluation of spaces and equipment for baby care/child care needs for parents with disabilities
  • Parenting performance evaluations for skill development or use in legal matters for parents with disabilities
  • Provision of appropriate techniques for parents with disabilities during baby care tasks
  • Recommendations regarding resources or adaptive equipment available for baby care/child care tasks


Carla Walker, OTD, OTR/L, ATP
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