Student Experiential Learning Clinics

The Program in Occupational Therapy provides educational experiences for students in a clinical setting through our four student experiential learning clinics (SELCs). Education, practice and research converge in this hands-on, real-world learning environment.

Students in these SELCs provide free occupational therapy services to un- and under-insured individuals with interruptions in occupational performance. Licensed occupational therapists from our faculty and/or Community Practice provide mentorship and direct supervision for all evaluations and interventions delivered in a SELC. Students participate in advanced training to prepare them to work in the SELC. Students identify the client’s individual needs through a standardized assessment battery, develop intervention plans and provide OT services to achieve the client’s goals. A secure database of evaluation and intervention data helps track each SELC’s outcomes and answer scholarly questions. We measure the progression of students’ competencies to track growth throughout participation in the SELC.

OT Student Stroke Clinic

Photo of student and client in stroke clinicSince 2015, the OT Student Stroke Clinic has provided weekly services to clients in the Program’s clinic space at 4444 Forest Park Avenue. The clinic recruits individuals who have experienced stroke and traumatic brain injury (TBI) from the community, health organizations and referring physicians. Clients have made improvements in occupational performance that positively influence their lives. To date, more than 60 stroke/TBI survivors and 28 students have participated in the clinic.


Hand Therapy Student Learning Clinic

Photo of students in the hand clinicThe Hand Therapy Student Learning Clinic works with individuals with hand or upper extremity musculoskeletal conditions twice weekly at 4444 Forest Park Avenue. Clients are referred from orthopedic and plastic surgery resident clinic at BJC’s Center for Outpatient Health and therapists at Milliken Hand Rehabilitation Center. Thirty clients and 10 students have participated in the clinic since its opening in January 2018.


Community Independence OT Clinic

Photo of students with client at St. Patrick CenterIn November 2018, the Community Independence OT Clinic began seeing individuals experiencing severe and persistent mental illness and co-occurring homelessness through a partnership with St. Patrick Center in downtown St. Louis. Individual and group life skills and community re-integration sessions are held twice weekly. The clinic provides opportunities for inter-professional collaboration with several other disciplines.


Collaborative Community Clinic

The Collaborative Community Clinic began providing services to individuals with spinal cord injury or disease at Paraquad’s Center for Independent Living in January 2019. Four group sessions focus on improving health and participation, with individual sessions available to address outstanding rehabilitation and self-management needs. Students gain valuable experience in program development and facilitation of groups in the clinic.

Ranked as the Number Three OT Program in the Nation

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