Clinical/Community Track Experiences: Jordan Ipema, MSOT/S ‘15

Jordan Ipema, MSOT/S '15
Clinical/Community Track: Occupational Performance Center

Why did you choose WUOT for your occupational therapy education?
I chose WUOT because I knew this was a good program for OT and also because of the variety of options the program offered regarding research, fieldwork placements and other areas of education that could be individualized.

Why did you choose a clinical/community track experience for your degree?
I chose the clinical/community track because I enjoy the process and concept of program development. I had done some research in the past, and wanted a unique experience that would challenge me to do something new. I also was interested in the topic of concussion management in the schools and how it was an area that was growing and still was in need of relatively new development.

Briefly describe your agency.
The agency that I worked with is the Occupational Performance Center, which is directly associated with WUOT. The occupational therapists in this agency work with people whose goal is to transition to or return to a productive community-based role – either a paid or volunteer work position or to school following an illness or injury which has impacted their physical, cognitive, social or emotional performance capabilities.

Describe your involvement with the agency (programs/services).
This agency sees adults and youths who experience post-concussion effects and are attempting to return to either work or school. The agency would like to be more involved with the programing for returning students to school after concussion, reaching these individuals before their symptoms have been prolonged and assisting them in multiple environments.

How do you think this work has enhanced your clinical skills?
This work has helped me to fine tune my researching skills in gathering the current data on programs for returning to school. It has also helped me enhance my communication skills in talking with community partners and other individuals involved with the project.

How did you feel about the guidance provided by your mentor?
My mentor, Mary Seaton, MHS, OTR/L, is very knowledgeable about concussion management programs and also individuals who are involved in this area. She is very fun to work with while at the same time takes the students’ work seriously.

How would you describe this experience to prospective students who may be interested in community practice?
I would say this work is very self-directed and requires someone who will follow through with ideas. It is a unique experience and highly beneficial for those interested in something different within the field of OT and/or interested in program development.

How will these experiences affect or influence your career direction after graduation?
These experiences have made me more likely to consider working in the community and pursuing program development. It is inspiring to see an actual change and to address a need within the community. It has helped me to see the different populations the field of OT can serve; so this makes me more likely to pursue something innovative in my future career.

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