Our Mission
Our mission is to empower people to lead safe, meaningful lives by bridging research, innovation, and excellence in care.

We partner with clients to offer a collaborative, personalized experience founded upon the latest advances in research and evidence-based practice models. Our therapists are aligned with the world-class research underway by our Program’s faculty members, and our interventions and treatments are centered around our core focus of improving occupational performance. Read more about our foundational research.

What that means for our clients is that by working hand-in-hand with them, their family members, their physician, and other care providers as appropriate, we’re able to provide high-quality care so that our clients are able to meet their goals and do the things that they most want and need to do in life safely, and as independently as possible.

Our Vision
By carrying out our mission every day, we hope to make a lasting impression on our clients and families, which will inspire sustainable change for them, as well as the communities around us. As a result, our vision is to impact, empower, and improve the lives of everyone we serve.

Our Philosophy of Care
Our guiding light and the core of our mission and vision is found in our philosophy of care for our clients and families. In fact, it’s more than our philosophy; it’s our commitment of care. It’s what our clients can expect from us with each and every interaction we have together.

We bridge research, innovation and extraordinary care by taking multiple perspectives into consideration, including medical, cultural, social, personal, and community factors. We do this by:

  • listening to our clients and their families
  • providing experiences that are unique to each person’s health and functional needs
  • exploring the home environment and personal support  available  for each client to help them be safe, healthy, and functional
  • partnering together with physicians, families, communities, and other professionals to deliver the best care possible.

Ranked as the Number One OT Program in the Nation