Adolescent Substance Abuse Next Steps

Adolescent substance abuse affects all aspects of a person’s well-being, including relationships with others and the ability to engage in the activities and things that the person wants and needs to do. Many life skills may be impacted following substance abuse, such as attention to basic self-care, learning the tasks and skills necessary to live independently, skills to prepare for success in work or school, managing moods and emotions, social interactions, memory, problem-solving, stress management and relationships with friends and family. Many adolescents in recovery find it hard to regain some of these life skills on their own, due to limited self-confidence or knowledge they missed out learning as a result of the addiction.

Sobriety is the first step in the recovery process, but without supports to address the missing skills during this important time period in life, adolescents and young adults are in an emotionally vulnerable position. Occupational therapy offers unique expertise to help with these missing skills, in order to provide in-depth recovery support. The ultimate goal of next-step transition support is to help build the skills and confidence needed to manage your life in a healthy and meaningful way.

We will work with you and/or your family members to:

  • identify your unique strengths and challenges affecting participation in the life activities you need and want to do
  • develop personal skills and stress management strategies  to prepare you for work and living on your own
  • locate resources for ongoing support in the community
  • increase your sense of self-confidence to attain life roles on your own.

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