Low Vision

There are three core aspects of vision that play a vital role in a person’s ability to see properly. Visual acuity, visual field, and contrast sensitivity all work together to ensure that your eyes send the correct information to your brain so that your body can process the environment around you. From being able to see fine detail so that you can thread a needle, to being aware of the shoes lying on the floor off to the side of your walking path, vision plays a vital role in maintaining your safety, independence, and leisure activities in and around your home and work environments.

Many times, even a slight change in a person’s vision can have a big impact on their lifestyle, which is why we work with clients every day to identify ways to maximize remaining vision. We can provide services in our clinic, but in most cases, it’s more beneficial to visit a client’s home to ensure that  it is as safe as possible, and so that our clinicians can provide personalized recommendations and suggestions for improvement.

Upon visiting your home, we will:

  • perform a full evaluation and assessment of your living spaces
  • study your daily behaviors and routines
  • educate you about potential concerns and/or areas of risk
  • demonstrate the correct use of optical devices for daily tasks and activities
  • make recommendations for changes, and
  • provide you with adaptive strategies and self-management techniques for maximizing independence. 

Throughout the process, we maintain a focus on you, so that we understand what your goals are and can identify what’s most important to you. Together we’ll brainstorm strategies to help you do the things you most want to do.

Some of these strategies can be a simple as using better contrast to improve visual processing, clearly marking buttons on appliances, and improving the lighting conditions in dimly-lit areas. Often, these strategies are simple fixes, but ones that have a lasting impact. 

Don’t lose sight of your safety, independence, and favorite activities; uncover new ways of doing the things you love with our clinicians’ help. 

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