Occupational Performance Center

The Occupational Performance Center (OPC) is a work assessment and rehabilitation program that is unlike any others in the St. Louis area. Here, our team works with adolescents and adults of all ages to assess their “readiness” to return to work, school or community life following an injury or diagnosis. By gaining a deep understanding of the person’s abilities and matching them with their current role(s) and/or future goal(s), our team helps clients engage meaningfully in life, whether it’s through employment, school, work or volunteer roles in the community.

Our clinicians partner with clients to identify opportunities that will best fit their abilities and needs. These services may include:

  • Identifying modifications or accommodations needed for return/transition to work, school or volunteer roles
  • Helping clients find ways to manage chronic or progressive conditions while engaged in meaningful roles and meeting performance goals
  • Exploring possible options for people in need of a new role
  • Evaluating assistive technology and equipment needs
  • Meeting with employers and/or leaders to facilitate discussions regarding performance expectations
  • Offering assistance in navigating insurance, disability and Social Security claims
  • Helping clients transition to disability status or a productive retirement role.

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Whether it’s returning to a current role, finding alternative paid work, returning to school/vocational training or beginning a volunteer role in the community, we can help you or your loved one prepare for that next step, wherever it may lead.

As part of a collaboration with the Rehabilitation Institute of Saint Louis (TRISL), the OPC is housed inside of the Rehab Institute located at 4455 Duncan Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63110.

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