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Childrens Kitchen Task Assessment (CKTA)

The CKTA is a public domain instrument that you may use without a fee. The CKTA seeks to assess executive function (initiation, sequencing, safety judgment, organization, working memory) in children 8-12 through the child’s performance of the novel task, making play dough.

Attached are the materials: photographs, recipe instructions, list of items for the kit, and scoring forms. You will need to compile the kit before beginning. It is important for the tools in the kit to closely match the photographs. If you are unable to closely match, then you can take a photograph and replace the kit photograph with yours.

Because delivering the cues is a skill that takes practice and influences the scoring of the child’s performance, it is recommended that you practice by videotaping and scoring with another professional for at least 90% inter-rater reliability before using the CKTA with your target population, ages 8-12.

Rocke K, Edwards D, Hays P, and Berg C, Development of a performance based assessment of executive function: the Children’s Kitchen Task Assessment.  American Journal of Occupational Therapy 2008: 62(5):528-537.

Berg, C., Edwards, DF, and King, A. Executive function performance on the Children’s Kitchen Task Assessment with children with sickle cell disease and matched controls. Child Neuropsychology, 2012, 18 (5), 432-448.

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