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PhD in Rehabilitation and Participation Science (RAPS)

The Rehabilitation and Participation Science (RAPS) PhD program aims to develop rehabilitation scientists whose research questions are chosen based explicitly on their potential to generate fundamental knowledge that will enhance health, improve quality of life, and reduce illness and disability.

Our doctoral training model is based on that of mentored research, wherein students devote the majority of their time to research activities beginning in the first semester and becoming increasingly independent. Students may choose rehabilitation scientists as mentors who will help focus their study in rehabilitation neuroscience, pediatric rehabilitation, outcome science, community health or productive aging. Graduates of the RAPS PhD program will be prepared for a career as an academic research scientist.

This program is designed to be completed in four to five years of full-time study. The maximum time allowed for completion is seven years, and there is no provision for part-time study. A tuition stipend and fellowship is provided for up to five years.

For more information about the RAPS PhD program, please contact Abigail King at 314-286-1619 or e-mail her at

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