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Survey of Participation and Receptivity in the Community for People with Mobility Limitations (SPARC-M)

The SPARC-M is a subjective self-report measure designed to assess the respondents’ participation at a variety of private and community sites. Participation at 19 sites is evaluated by several questions. Sites include the participant’s home, the homes of family and friends, movie theaters, restaurants, grocery stores, and pharmacies. Some questions ask the participant about his or her experiences at the type of site in general (e.g., restaurants in his or her community, large stores in his or her community), and some questions are geared toward specific sites (e.g., the pharmacy that the participant visits most often). Questions include evaluative questions on the frequency of, importance of, choice of, control over, and satisfaction with participation; the influence of employees/staff/others at the site; the usability of the physical environment of the site; transportation; help (paid and unpaid) that the respondent may receive when participating at the site, assistive technology used; and the influence of pain and fatigue on participation. The SPARC-M includes a brief demographic survey called the Characteristic of Respondents (CORE) Survey.

Attached are the measure, a brief introductory letter about the measure, a procedures manual, and scoring sheets. Please read the procedures manual before using the measure.

Click here to unzip SPARC-M files to your desktop.

For more information on the SPARC-M, please contact:

Jessica Dashner, OTD, OTR/L
5232 Oakland Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63108
Phone: (314) 932-1018

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