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Seating, Mobility and Assistive Technology

Community Practice's Seating, Mobility and Assistive Technology program focuses on the customization of wheelchairs to the individual client. Certain factors must be taken into consideration to find the right fit for a person’s body, abilities, needs, and goals. Details such as the type of seat cushion, back support size and shape, and the height of the arm rests all play a vital part in ensuring the perfect fit. Throughout the process, Dr. Tucker looks at body weight, height, range of motion, strength, mobility needs, home environment, and the places clients go every day so that she can find the best choice and fit for the client’s lifestyle. She also provides recommendations to clients on how to best leverage assistive technology in their daily routines.

General Description of Student Activities

Students who select Dr. Tucker as their mentor will have the opportunity to work with assistive technology (including, but not limited to, wheelchairs and adapted computer equipment), a pressure mapping system and adapted exercise equipment. Students will also have the opportunity, among other things, to participate in clinical appointments both in the clinic and during community visits, develop new programming, track outcomes and present to medical professionals and community organizations. Students will need to have their own transportation to be able to transition between 4444 Forest Park Ave. and Paraquad’s Health and Wellness Center at 5200 Berthold Ave. and to attend community visits.

Examples of Projects

  • Clinical seating evaluations for mobility devices
  • Manual wheelchair propulsion analysis, education and training
  • Pressure mapping for wheelchair seating systems
  • Computer assistive technology evaluation and training
  • Exercise programs that are individually designed for people with disabilities


Sue Tucker, OTD, OTR/L, ATP

Clinical Specialist

Phone: 314-932-1030

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