Activity Card Sort: Advancing Inclusive Participation (ACS:AIP)

The ACS:AIP is a public domain instrument that you may use without a fee.

This is an adaptation of the Activity Card Sort (Baum & Edwards, 2008) based on the on the occupational participation of a population of individuals experiencing homelessness. This version differs from previous iterations of the ACS as it uses line drawings to reduce or remove indications of specific race, ethnicity, gender, and sex. This version also includes non-sanctioned occupations within the activity cards and provides follow up questions for clinicians to deepen the conversation around each occupation. This assessment is designed to explore occupational engagement of all populations, as participation in non-sanctioned occupations is not limited to the unhoused population.

Contained in the zip file below are:

  • Activity cards to be printed, folded in half, and laminated
  • Optional sorting cards. Clinicians may decide which sorting cards they would prefer to use with the assessment based on the information they would like to obtain.
  • Score form

Tyminski, Q. P., Drummond, R. R., Heisey, C. F., Evans, S. K., Hendrix, A., Jaegers, L. A., & Baum, C. M. (2020). Initial development of the Activity Card Sort-Advancing Inclusive Participation from a homeless population perspective. Occupational Therapy International, 2020, p.1-8. doi: /10.1155/2020/9083082

As we seek to continue to improve this assessment and further explore the occupational participation of community-based populations, we ask that you provide us with basic information and a point of contact prior to download (via the link below) so that we may gather your input on the assessment. Provision of your information is voluntary.

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