Facilitators and Barriers Survey for People with Mobility Limitations version 2 (FABS-Mv2)

The FABS-Mv2 investigates the effects of environmental facilitators and barriers on participation for individuals with mobility limitations or impairments. This subjective self-report survey asks participants questions about features of their communities that may serve as barriers to or facilitators of participation. The FABS-M includes questions on built environmental features (e.g., ramps, curb cuts, room temperatures), natural environmental features (e.g., terrain, weather, noise), and social support/attitudes at various sites in the community. Examples of sites assessed in the FABS-Mv2 are grocery stores, doctors’ offices, places of worship, hotels, and public parks. The FABS-Mv2 also includes a brief demographic survey called the Characteristic of Respondents (CORE) Survey.

Attached are the measure, a brief introductory letter about the measure, a procedures manual, and scoring sheets. Please read the procedures manual before using the measure. 

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