Participation Survey for People with Mobility Limitations version 3 (PARTS-Mv3)

The PARTS-Mv3 was designed to assess the impact of common environmental factors on the lives of people who use mobility devices. It is structured similarly to the PARTS-Mv2, but it contains four more sites and additional questions for each site. This subjective self-report survey asks respondents about their participation in 24 different areas of major life activities. Some of the questions for each activity are the time it takes to do the activity or the frequency of participation (depending on the type of activity), the degree of choice of, control over, and satisfaction with participation in the activity, the amount of help (paid and unpaid) received from another person, accommodations/adaptations used, assistive technology used, and the influence of pain and fatigue on participation. The activities covered by the PARTS-Mv2 include activities of daily living (ADLS; e.g., bathing, meal preparation, dressing), domestic life (e.g., moving around inside the home, working in the home, exterior home maintenance), recreation and leisure (e.g., active recreation, exercise, vacations), interpersonal interactions and relationships (e.g., socializing, parenting, intimacy), religious and community activities, major life areas (e.g., employment, education, managing money), and communication (receptive and expressive). The survey was designed so that investigators may use only the areas and/or questions that are relevant to their research; the entire survey does not need to be used. The PARTS-Mv2 also includes a brief demographic survey called the Characteristics of Respondents (CORE) Survey.

Attached are the measure, a brief introductory letter about the measure, a procedures manual, and scoring sheets. Please read the procedures manual before using the measure.

Click here to unzip PARTS-Mv3 files to your desktop.

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