Aging and Community Practice

Dr. West-Bruce mentors students interested in aging in place for under-resourced older adults and diversity, equity, inclusion, justice, and anti-racism (DEIJA) in OT education and practice. Within the Nia Equitable Aging Lab (NEAL), students will have a focus on gaining knowledge, skills and experience in program development and evaluation, evidence-based and innovative interventions, culturally relevant practice, and scholarship related to aging, community-based practice and DEIJA. Students should consider this experience if they are interested in developing innovations in aging in place and DEIJA. Personal transportation will be needed for monthly onsite meetings.

General Description of Student Activities

Students will engage in numerous learning activities to support a collaborative and transformative learning experience including:

  • Program development and evaluation using a variety of methods
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Research
  • Scholarly writing and manuscript development

Qualities for Student Success

Students who are interested in this experience would ideally have the following qualities to have a successful lab experience:

  • Cultural humility
  • Flexibility
  • Openness
  • Innovation
  • Comfort with ambiguity
  • A team spirit
  • Interest in advocacy