Supporting Perinatal and Pediatric Outcomes

Dr. Bachelani mentors students interested in Supporting Perinatal and Pediatric Outcomes (SPROUT).
The SPROUT lab aims to enhance service provision in a variety of contexts such as school-based settings and underserved community settings. Dr. Bachelani currently focuses on producing community-based resources, such as caregiver education workshops.

To address perinatal outcomes, Dr. Bachelani is part of the WashU OT Maternal Health Collective (MHC), which is a collaborative lab run by both faculty and clinicians within the program. In partnership with the MHC, Dr. Bachelani is exploring the role of OT in perinatal healthcare and is working on program development to enhance occupational engagement and outcomes amongst women with high-risk pregnancies.

Students should consider working with Dr. Bachelani in the SPROUT lab if they are interested in pediatrics, child development, community-based program development, or maternal health care.

General Description of Student Activities

The SPROUT lab aims to support pediatric and perinatal outcomes. Research activities in the SPROUT lab vary, but either focus on pediatric practice or maternal care. SPROUT lab members will have opportunities to participate in program development, implementation and/or evaluation of outcomes. Students will work towards writing a manuscript that can be published in peer-reviewed literature and will get opportunities to present their work at local, state and national conferences.

Examples of Projects

  • Developing educational programming for childcare providers to meet varying developmental needs of children and youth and facilitate social emotional well-beings
  • Exploring the role of OT in perinatal health care
  • Program development to enhance occupational engagement amongst women with high-risk pregnancies on an inpatient antepartum unit
  • Assessing experiences of related service providers in public school settings
  • Developing a measure of accessibility and usability of school environments
  • Examining the impacts of food allergies on childhood occupational performance
  • Determining impacts of social determinants of health on child development, participation and occupational performance


Salma Bachelani, OTD, OTR/L, PMH-C
Instructor in Occupational Therapy and Pediatrics

Phone: (314) 286-1903
[email protected]