Weight-Loss Habit Development and Coaching Services

Dr. Owens mentors students interested in Weight-Loss Habit Development and Coaching Services, especially for adults post bariatric weight loss surgery. Bariatric procedures may significantly impact an individual’s occupational performance and individuals may need assistance with behavior modifications for long-term success. Individuals who experience bariatric weight loss surgery may experience occupational deprivation and low quality of life. The lab’s primary focus is building a body of evidence to support the need for occupational services, increase the evidence supporting occupational interventions, and meet a gap in service for the bariatric population. The goal of this program is to provide services to clients who are recovering from bariatric weight loss surgery.

General Description of Student Activities

Students will review and critique current literature, policies and resources for the bariatric population. Students will develop and evaluate educational programs and tools for clinicians and clients of the bariatric population. Students may have the opportunity to participate in lab activities such as observing, interacting, and collecting data with clients at the OT Community Practice clinic. Students may have the opportunity to work with clients and their families in their homes to provide services post-bariatric weight loss surgery. Students may also contribute to educational materials, publish manuscripts, develop protocols, and/or present for local, regional and national venues.

Examples of Projects

  • Literature reviews, data entry and analysis, and writing journal articles
  • Observe, interact and collect data with clients
  • Develop and evaluate occupation-focused resources for clients who are in the program
  • Develop intervention protocols to address the needs of the bariatric population
  • Develop, assess and evaluate community-based and occupation-focused interventions for the bariatric populations


Grayson Owens, OTD, OTR/L
Instructor in Occupational Therapy and Neurology

Phone: (314) 273-7573
[email protected]