Student Spotlight: Linda Morton, MSOT/S '14

Linda Morton, MSOT/S '14Linda Morton, MSOT/S '14, Gretna, NE

What advantages does WUOT offer you that other programs don’t offer?
Because of my research background, I greatly appreciate the Program’s emphasis on evidence-based practice. The Program seems to value and promote student participation in research and the development of therapeutic interventions.

Why did you choose WUOT?

WUOT is recognized as one of the leading programs in the country. It is nationally respected and provides unparalleled exposure to some of the frontrunners in the field.

Why did you choose the degree program you did? (MSOT, OTD, etc)

I wanted to enter the workforce and engage in clinical work as soon as possible. I feel secure knowing that that door is still open to me down the line if my career aspirations change.

What can you say about the quality of education you are receiving?
I feel like I am being exposed to some of the people and ideas that are on the forefront of this profession. I am amazed by many of the opportunities provided to us. And I know that the full value of this education and these experiences will probably not manifest until later in my career!

What is the learning atmosphere like? (people, resources provided, attitudes of faculty and staff, approach to teaching, quality of mentorship relationships, etc.)
The faculty members take a very collaborative approach to teaching. They encourage participation and welcome feedback. I appreciate the fact that the Program is ever striving to improve and provide students with unique, educational experiences.

What do you like best about attending WUOT?
This program puts great importance on rooting classroom instruction with real world issues, bridging the divide between academics and application.

What do you like best about your classmates?
My peers are intelligent, caring, and dedicated to advancing the field of occupational therapy. We all bring such diverse talents to the Program, but I feel like we are all united by a common passion for occupational therapy and affecting change in our community.

How would you describe the faculty? What do you like best about the faculty?
They are both knowledgeable and approachable. They all have a strong investment in this program and the success of its students. I appreciate that the faculty take the long view of our education. They are intent on providing us with the information and resources that will make us great therapists. It is often easy to forget that there is life beyond school, but they help remind us of the end goal.

What about the school do you most want prospective students to know?
The Program will both challenge and excite you. It will change the way you think and the way you look at the world around you. It won’t be easy, but it will be very worthwhile.

What do you think of living in St. Louis?
I really enjoy living in this city. There are always so many exciting and affordable opportunities. It feels good to be back in the Midwest! I only hope I can take full advantage of all St. Louis has to offer before I graduate!

What do you plan to do after graduation?
I am getting married shortly after graduation! Ideally, we plan to move back to New Orleans to be close to my fiancé’s parents and raise a family. I hope to work in a neurorehabilitation setting and partner with local community organizations.

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