Student Spotlight: Salma Hussain, OTD/S '16

Salma Hussain, OTD/S '16, Kansas City, MO

What advantages does WUOT offer you that other programs don’t offer?
One of the biggest advantages that WUOT offers is the diversity of opportunities. Students can choose from more than a dozen research labs that each have a broad variety of focus areas. On top of that, students have many opportunities to get involved with volunteer work within the community. Students can receive plenty of hands-on experience and have the opportunity to make a difference while learning.

Why did you choose WUOT?
I felt that WUOT offered many unparalleled advantages. The great reputation of the school and the variety of research opportunities initially drew me in, and then after visiting WUOT, I noticed many other great things about the program. I loved the enthusiasm of the instructors and students that I interacted with. I chose WUOT because I felt that the quality of education here was incomparable!

Why did you choose the degree program you did? (MSOT, OTD, etc)
I’ve opted to go for the OTD degree because I am very interested in teaching and program development. The extra year of coursework and the apprenticeship opportunity for doctoral students serve as a great way to further delve into specific areas of interest.

What can you say about the quality of education you are receiving?
The quality of education here is outstanding! The combination of amazing faculty members with the great learning environment make for a truly exemplary educational experience.

What is the learning atmosphere like? (people, resources provided, attitudes of faculty and staff, approach to teaching, quality of mentorship relationships, etc.)
People are supportive, encouraging and willing to share their ideas and knowledge. We do a lot of work in groups and are always respectful of differing views and opinions.

What do you like best about attending WUOT?
The best part about being a student is the people that make up the WUOT community. The faculty members and students all make WUOT a wonderful place to be.

What do you like best about your classmates?
My favorite thing about my classmates is how unique and talented everyone is. We all come from different backgrounds and bring diverse knowledge and skill-sets to the table. My classmates are some of the most creative and intelligent people that I have met, and are also unbelievably kind and encouraging. All of us share the common desire to help people and our community; we have a huge passion for making positive differences in the lives of others.

How would you describe the faculty? What do you like best about the faculty?
My favorite thing about the faculty here is that they are very passionate and enthusiastic; in turn, this makes students excited to learn. The faculty members come from a variety of professional backgrounds and experiences, and are incredibly knowledgeable on the subjects that they teach. The faculty and staff are very supportive and dedicated to helping students learn and achieve their goals.

What about the school do you most want prospective students to know?
I want prospective students to know that WUOT has a lot to offer them. The program has a very welcoming environment, and is a wonderful place to learn!

What do you think of living in St. Louis?
St. Louis is an awesome place to live! The city has so much to offer, and there are always various events going on nearby. Compared to most other metropolitan areas, St. Louis has a much more affordable cost of living. On top of that, there are plenty of free attractions in the area which makes it very easy to have fun on a grad school budget.

What do you plan to do after graduation?
After graduation, I hope to get a job in Kansas City so that I can be close to my family. I’m not exactly sure which specific setting I’d like to work in, but I think that my upcoming fieldwork experiences and the rest of the curriculum may help me decide on an area of interest. After working and gaining clinical experience, I’d eventually like to pursue teaching opportunities.

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