Task-Specific Training for Upper Extremity Stroke Rehab

Individualized, progressive, intensive, task-specific training is an essential intervention for upper extremity retraining after a stroke. Achieving this high dose is clinically feasible in both inpatient and outpatient settings. While research has established the feasibility of this evidence-based intervention, implementation into practice remains slow. The goal of this course is to provide a comprehensive overview of task-specific training and provide practical tools for implementing this intervention with a variety of individuals undergoing stroke rehabilitation.

The workshop will begin with a thorough overview of upper extremity retraining after a stroke, including the general constructs and theoretical framework of task-specific training. We will define task-specific practice, discuss current trends in UE rehabilitation and the relationship of an individualized, progressive, intensive intervention to improved client outcomes. 

Second, we will discuss a client-centered approach to task selection, grading, and progressing tasks during the therapy session to optimize client participation and outcomes. The use of standardized assessments to inform the aforementioned principles and record client outcomes will also be presented.

Finally, we will address how to translate these principles with inpatient and outpatient populations. Each clinical setting and population has unique barriers to implementing an intervention of this magnitude. We will discuss practical modifications to help advance clinical implementation and promote evidence-based, occupation-centered practice for stroke rehabilitation. The workshop will conclude with in-depth video case studies wherein individuals will participate in small group discussions related to clinical application. These discussions will afford attendees the opportunity to identify perceived barriers and establish an action plan for implementation.

Upon the conclusion of this workshop, participants will have an understanding of the constructs, design, and clinical importance of progressive, intensive, task-specific training for the upper extremity after a stroke and will be able to implement in their clinical setting.

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